Natela Grigalashvili was born in Khashuri, Georgia and lives and works in Tbilisi. She established herself as a photographer after working independently for several years. Grigalashvili focuses on the story that is told by the image and mainly makes photo series and realizes long-term art projects. Grigalashvili was awarded the Alexander Roinishvili Prize for her contribution to Georgian photography in 2007, and her photograph “Son of a Fisherman” was a National Geographic Your Shot selection in 2013. Some of her photo series include Georgian Village, Javakheti, the Dukhobors, Azerbaijanis in Georgia, Animal Market, Traditional Holidays, and Pankisi Gorge. She has founded three photography schools; in Javakheti (2014), the Pankisi Gorge (2015), and Adjara (2016). (Photo shot in Upper Adjara, Georgia, 2015. Photo sponsors: Gary and Kristine Daynes.)

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