Artist in Residence

Copyright: Peter Bialobrzeski, Germany, Wilson, March 2023


After 69 Photographers coming from 23 different countries, when Céline Sarr will leave Wilson at the end of April 2024, the beloved residency program from Eyes on Main Street will end. This is surely not an artistic nor a joyful  decision but as the artistic director, my tasks are to balance out all activities and programs, to make sure that at the end of the day -each day- we have the means to move forward. The newly created American Center for Photographers is the perfect example of how Eyes on Main Street INC is moving to a bright future. One motto on our posters claims "The World Center for Street Photographers", this could never be more true.

Jerome De Perlinghi

Artistic Director

August 15, 2023

Photographers 2017-2023

Sixth Year: July 2023 to April 2024

07-2023: Svet Jacqueline, USA

08-2023: Patrick Artinian, France

             Louise Oligny, France

09-2023: Julia Gillard, USA

10-2023: Andrea Ratto, Italy

11-2023: Jimmy Beunardeau, Taiwan/France

12-2023: No Photographer

01-2024: No Photographer

02-2024: Vincent Nguyen, France

03-2024: Reinis Hofmanis, Latvia

04-2024: Céline Sarr, France

Fifth Year:  July 2022 to June 2023

07-2022: Kalel Koven, France

08-2022: Freya Maes, Belgium

09-2022: Rodrigo Paredes, Argentina

10-2022: Meg Hewitt, Australia

11-2022: Andrejs Strokins, Latvia

12-2022: Simon Vansteenwinckel, Belgium

01-2023: Marc Chaumeil, France

02-2023: Chau Cuong Lê, France

03-2023: Peter Bialobrzeski, Germany

04-2023: Claire Savary, France

05-2023: Grace Ekpu, Nigeria

06-2023: David Gibson, United Kingdom

Fourth Year: July 2021 to June 2022

07-2021: David Robert Farmerie, USA

08-2021: Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez, Colombia

09-2021: Oliver Doyle, USA

10-2021: Chris Facey, USA

11-2021: Ryan Bakerink, USA

12-2021: Cedric Roux, France

01-2022: Franck Gérard, France

02-2022: Anita Pouchard Serra, Argentina/France

03-2022: Moe Zoyari, Iran/USA

04-2022: Tracy Barbutes, USA

05-2022: Benni Valsson, Iceland

06-2022: Jean-Pierre Duvergé, France

Third Year: July 2019 to March 2020

07-2019: Ayomide A. Oyeniyi, Nigeria

08-2019: Vicky Roy, India

09-2019: Benjamin Dunn, USA

10-2019: Olivier Metzger, France

11-2019: Isabelle Levy-Lehmann, France

12-2019: Mark Rammers, The Netherlands

01-2020: Gisela Ajzensztat, Argentina

02-2020: Bronek Kozka, Australia

03-2020: Tracy Barbutes, USA

Second Year: July 2018 to June 2019

07-2018: Ximena Echague, Argentina

08-2018: Seydou Camara, Mali

09-2018: Dave Jordano, USA

10-2018: Jérôme Bonnet, France

11-2018: José Luis Vilchez, Nicaragua

12-2018: Andrea Torrei, Italy

01-2018: Serra Akcan, Turkey

01-2018: Çiğdem Üçünçü, Turkey

02-2019: Alice Kayibanda, Rwanda

03-2019: Michelle Frankfurter, USA

04-2019: Judith Rodriguez, Argentina

05-2019: Roza Vulf, Lithuania

06-2019: Jeremy M.Lange, USA

First Year: September 2017 to June 2018

09-2017: Jan Wünsch, Czech Republic

10-2017: Juan Arredondo, Colombia

11-2017: Rémy Artiges, France

12-2017: Keith Dannemiller, USA

01-2018: Juan Madrid, USA

01-2018: Juan Giraldo, Colombia/USA

02-2018: Diana Bagnoli, Italy

03-2018: Jeremy Dennis, USA

04-2018: Kajal Nisha Patel, United Kingdom

04-2018: Amsatou Diallo, Mali

04-2018: Sandeep Biswas, India

05-2018: Jared Ragland, USA

06-2018: Giovanni Urgeles, Cuba/Philippines

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