Alex Masi, born in 1981 in Ivrea, Turin, is an Italian photojournalist deeply engaged in documenting and exposing peculiar issues of human-made injustice. He believes photography to be an essential channel for audiences to learn with immediacy and to subconsciously empathize with people facing realities far away from their surroundings and personal experiences. In the hope of becoming a catalyst towards a slow change in policy-making, he strives to produce intimate, touching images aimed at sensitizing and engaging the viewers towards proactive actions and solution building. His images have been widely published and exhibited internationally. He is the recipient of many awards, such as the Picture of the Year International (POYI), the Getty Grant for Good, the FotoEvidence Book Award, the Days Japan Photojournalism Awards, and the UNICEF POY, among others. (Photo shot in São Tomé, São Tomé and Príncipe, 2012.)

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